Types of Ground Screws

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One of the key parameters that buyers and contractors inquire about is the type of ground screw to choose. Whether you are planning to install a terrace or any other structure on screw foundations, you might ask yourself, “Which type of ground screw should I select? So, let’s take a closer look at U-type, M-type, G-type and F-type ground screws.

U-Type Ground Screws

u type ground screw
u-type ground screw top

The U-type ground screw is the most commonly used helix. Its U-shaped design at the top provides a clear understanding of how to use it. Installing a structure within the profile gap and creating a strong connection is straightforward.

If you are unable to align U-type screws in a straight line and the structure is relatively thin, you can adjust the direction by attaching it to either side of the ground screw with two screws.

There are two common ways to attach a frame to a U-type ground screw:

The drawbacks of U-type ground screws include the limited width of the installable structure. However, this limitation can be overcome by cutting one profile plate if necessary. Additionally, when using U-type screws, it is crucial to accurately adjust their height during installation, as readjustment may be challenging.

M-Type Ground Screws

M-type ground screws are recognisable by their hexagonal plate at the top. Compared to U-type screws, M-type screws are thicker and more robust, especially at the bottom. They are commonly used in applications that require higher loads and larger structures, such as cabins, saunas, and other small buildings.

M-type ground screws feature a 12 mm diameter hole for inserting a long screw during installation. Similar to F-type screws, adjusting the height using washers and nuts before mounting the structure is possible. Additionally, the hexagonal plate of M-type screws allows for angled installations using the side holes.

The downside of M-type ground screws is that they require special installation equipment. However, their thicker walls make them significantly more durable.

m-type ground screws
m-type ground screw top

G-Type Ground Screws

G-type ground screws are hollow and can either be screwed directly into the ground or used with an insert pipe to raise the structure’s height. They are commonly used for outdoor lighting fixtures, advertising signs, stairs, road signs, fences made of round profile pipes and mesh, flagpoles, benches, and outdoor umbrella bases.

g-type ground screw

Ground screws offer a versatile and reliable foundation solution for various construction projects. Understanding the different types of ground screws and their applications can help you make an informed choice when selecting the most suitable helix for your project. Whether you opt for U, M or G-type ground screws, they provide stability, durability, and ease of installation, ensuring the success of your construction endeavours.

Remember to watch the informative video at the end of this article for a visual guide on installing ground screws. Choose the right ground screw for your needs and enjoy a solid and secure foundation for your structures.

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