Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation Benefits

Introduction to Prana Decentralised Heat Recovery System

When it comes to heat recovery ventilation systems, there are two primary types: centralised and decentralised. The key difference between these two systems lies in their configuration and operation. In a decentralised ventilation system, each unit is dedicated to a single room, directly managing the air quality that specific space. On the other hand, a centralised system uses one unit to serve multiple rooms, extracting and supplying air through a network of ducts.

Prana’s domestic heat recovery range falls under the category of decentralised systems. These systems offer a unique set of benefits that not only provide them with a significant edge over centralised systems but also distinguish them among other decentralised options. Let’s explore the key advantages that make Prana’s decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems stand out.

Decentralised ventilation installation

Easy installation

The Prana decentralised heat recovery system makes installation easy. Simply select a suitable location, drill a hole in the wall, and then install the unit. As these are standalone units, they obviate the need for extensive ductwork, which considerably reduces the complexity and disturbance often found in the installation of centralised heat recovery ventilation systems. On average, the installation time for each unit is approximately 2 hours.

Ideal for Existing Building

Decentralised heat recovery ventilation systems are ideal for integration into existing buildings, thanks to their minimal space requirements and flexibility. Their design enables installation in various room types without significant alterations to the building’s architecture. This makes Prana systems an excellent choice for heritage buildings with thick stone walls, as they can be installed in walls up to 1 metre in thickness.

Room-Specific Climate Control

Each Prana unit functions independently, enabling room-specific climate control. This allows different areas to have tailored ventilation settings based on individual preferences or the specific needs of each room, thereby enhancing comfort and efficiency. Such personalised ventilation setup is not achievable with centralised systems.

Advanced Sensors

Prana decentralised ventilation systems come with advanced sensors that track essential environmental factors like humidity, VOCs, CO2 equivalent, and temperature. This feature supports a healthy indoor environment by providing real-time data. The system’s algorithms use this data to automatically adjust settings, ensuring optimal conditions in each room. For instance, if VOC pollution suddenly increases in a room, the Prana system will automatically intensify ventilation to restore healthy air quality.

Decentralised heat recovery ventilation system high energy efficiency

Low Power Consumption & High Efficiency

Prana systems are known for their high energy efficiency. They use minimal power to provide effective ventilation, significantly lowering energy costs and supporting a sustainable environment. These systems also have a copper heat exchanger, achieving up to 98% heat recovery efficiency. With no ducts involved, there’s no heat loss, making Prana heat recovery ventilation even more efficient than a centralised heat recovery systems.

Controle via App

The Prana systems’ smart technology integration lets users monitor and control their premises’ climate through a mobile application. This app offers the flexibility to control devices either as a group or individually, and it includes features for creating operation schedules, monitoring indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and air quality, with all parameters being recorded. The mobile app enables remote monitoring and adjustment of settings, ensuring users can manage their environment even when away.

Decentralised Heat Recovery Ventilation Summary

The Prana Decentralised Ventilation System is more than just a ventilation solution, it’s a comprehensive approach to creating healthier, more comfortable, and energy-efficient indoor environments. Its easy installation, suitability for existing buildings, individual room control, maintenance ease, environmental monitoring capabilities, energy efficiency, heat recovery, natural disinfection, and smart control represent a significant leap forward in ventilation technology. Installing Prana systems means investing in the well-being of occupants and the sustainability of our environment.

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