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PRANA is a renowned developer and manufacturer of advanced energy-efficient heat recovery ventilation systems. Utilising it’s patented technology, which features a copper heat exchanger, PRANA’s systems are highly effective, retaining up to 98% of the heat within a room. This innovative approach not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

The company operates its own production facilities, climate laboratory, and design department. This integration allows PRANA to maintain strict control over the quality of each unit produced. By overseeing every aspect of production, from initial design through to final assembly, PRANA ensures that each ventilation system meets their high standards of quality and performance. This commitment to excellence guarantees customer satisfaction and positions PRANA as a leader in the ventilation industry.

Prana mvhr
prana mvhr system

We are proud to announce that Future Gaff Limited is the official distributor of Prana Ventilation in Ireland.

Advantages of Prana Platinum

Own design department, climate laboratory, and production facilities

International awards in the field of «green» innovations

PRANA has official distributors in 33 countries worldwide

Benefits of Prana MVHR

Wellness and Safety

The PRANA MVHR are designed with utmost consideration for human health and safety. With its copper heat exchanger, the system ensures that the natural composition of fresh air is preserved. Additionally, the filtration system effectively captures dust, fur, pollen, insects, and animal hair, making it an ideal choice for individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Ventilation for Any Space

PRANA offers comprehensive ventilation solutions for spaces of diverse functions, ranging from small apartments to sports centers. Our in-house design team delivers fast project development services, while ensuring cutting-edge technology is used to design ventilation systems that guarantee optimal indoor air quality and comfort.

All-Season Comfort with Efficient Ventilation

PRANA heat recovery ventilation eliminate the need for open windows, which helps to preserve warmth during winter season and coolness during the summer, making them an efficient solution for ventilation. Moreover, unlike open windows, PRANA MVHR effectively reduce noise from the street.

We care not only for your cosines and comfort but about our environment as well. Without the clean ecology there is impossible to have fresh and clean air. Every PRANA recuperator annually reduces potential emissions of CO2 to 1134 kg.

Annually all around the world PRANA society saves the planet from the emissions of hundreds of thousands tones of CO2. This is our common contribution to climate change conducting and restoration of the natural diversity of the planet.

31 200 tones of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere were prevented in 2020
sustainable ventilation

Why Choose the PRANA Heat Recovery Ventilation

Fresh Air Supply 24/7

High efficiency

Smart Control


The PRANA ventilation system facilitates the synchronized movement of both supply and exhaust air streams within the copper heat exchanger, maintaining their separation. The air flows through separate channels in the heat exchanger, preventing any mixing between them. This helps to improve the indoor air quality by removing stale air and supplying fresh air in an energy-efficient manner.

A heat recovery ventilation system does not replace home heating. The primary objective of ventilation is to enable efficient air exchange within a home, while the heating system’s primary function is to elevate the air temperature. A recuperator can assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the home, but it is not a substitute for an adequate heating system.

The PRANA household recuperator requires a standard 200 V 50 Hz mains supply for operation and its energy consumption varies from 4 to 91 Watts per hour, depending on the selected speed and operating mode.

Humid, warm air is removed from the room and passes through a copper heat exchanger, which transfers heat to the fresh air coming from outside. This process raises the temperature of the incoming air and lowers its moisture level. As a result, the air supplied back into the room is dry, warm, and fresh.

Traditional ventilation methods, such as opening windows, can result in heat loss of over 30% during the heating season. Similarly, during the hot season, opening windows can quickly heat up the room and increase energy consumption for air conditioning by up to 80%.

Heat recovery ventilation, on the other hand, can save up to 96% of energy resources used for room ventilation without the need for opening windows and losing heat or coolness. This is achieved through the use of a copper heat exchanger, which transfers the temperature of the exhaust air to the fresh inflow. As a result, fresh air is supplied to the room at a comfortable temperature, eliminating the need for additional heating or cooling.

Certainly. If the recuperator lid is opened while the engines are switched off, there may be an unregulated flow of air that can be affected by various factors such as the presence of other ventilation systems, seasonal changes, wind velocity, and other relevant conditions.

To ensure comfortable and safe operation of the recuperator during winter, it is advisable to activate the “Winter Mode” and “Mini-Heating” features. When operated correctly, the PRANA ventilation system can function efficiently within a temperature range of -30°C to +50°C.

  • Operates on countercurrent principle with simultaneous supply and exhaust
  • Made of copper for high thermal conductivity and year-round efficiency
  • Easily controlled via remote or mobile app
  • 10 adjustable speeds and operating modes for optimized air exchange
  • Equipped with reliable and safe 24V motors
  • “Separate engine control” feature allows for adjustable supply and exhaust settings
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient management from anywhere in the world

To ensure a healthy environment, it’s essential to remove any visible marks of fungus and mould in the room mechanically before using PRANA MVHR.

PRANA Heat recovery ventilation are designed to address the main causes of mould, such as excessive humidity and poor air circulation. By providing efficient air exchange, PRANA significantly reduces the number of mould spores in the air, preventing its recurrence and promoting a healthier living space.